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LBM - Business Transformation
LBM - Business Transformation


Active Investors / Funds & Board members
Active investment requires active oversight. 

A solid investment strategy demands more than just capital injection; it requires guidance, mentoring, and a keen eye on the ground.

Startup ecosystems, merged entities, or recently acquired ventures come with their own set of operational intricacies.

I offer hands-on assistance, ensuring the execution aligns perfectly with your vision. Whether your endgame is a high-return exit or a steady cash flow, my presence ensures the investment is actively steered in the right direction. With a shared understanding of your strategy, I'm your on-ground partner, ensuring real-time alignment, mentoring, and proactive control.

Family-owned Businesses
You need change to thrive again. Ready to scale, but no experience? Recently took over?

Family businesses are more than just about profit; they're about legacy. Taking the helm of a family business can be daunting. Maybe it's a new era under your guidance, or perhaps it's about revitalizing the legacy.

The market dynamics have shifted, and what worked in the past may not ensure future success. Whether you're looking to scale, diversify, or simply make your business thrive again, I bring a fresh perspective.


Leveraging my extensive experience and expertise in process implementation, operational redesign, and strategic market adaptations, I'll work with you to evolve your business without losing its core values.

Startup Founders
Fully operational or those looking to move away from daily operations.

Starting up is hard, scaling efficiently is harder. Whether you're in the trenches every day or transitioning to a more strategic role, I can support. Drawing from hands-on startup experience, I provide actionable strategies tailored to your unique challenges. 

As a startup founder, your vision drives the enterprise. But when the complexities of day-to-day operations start weighing you down, or when scaling seems like an uncharted territory, it's easy to feel adrift.


From aligning your operations with strategic goals to ensuring each department resonates with your vision, I’m here to guide. Harness my experience to not just navigate but to flourish, turning challenges into stepping stones for success.

CFOs / COOs of SMEs
Mastered your domain, but facing interdepartmental bottlenecks?

While you excel in your sphere, the challenges of interlinking processes across departments can seem daunting. Many CFOs and COOs, whether grown into the role or spearheading a compact team, grapple with scaling operations beyond their immediate domain.

It’s not just about being an expert in your field, but ensuring that mastery translates into a cohesive company-wide strategy. I bridge the gaps, creating a unified approach that seamlessly links various departments and workflows.

Together, we can transcend departmental silos, ensuring the entire organization moves in harmony.

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Experiences - Case studies

Navigate Change with Confidence
Case insight on: Business Pivoting - Market adaptation - Change management

Real-World Shift

Guided by a deep understanding of change management, I transformed a team in flux for over two years into a streamlined, future-ready unit in just six months. This transformation involved a meticulous restructuring of processes and workflows to centre on client needs.


Through proactive problem-solving and a data-centric approach, this team not only met expectations but consistently outperformed them, leading the way in strategic shifts and improved client services.

Financial Mastery for Business Success
Case insight on: Financial decision-making

Steering Financial Success

Here's a snapshot: I set up financial reports for a company with five distinct entities across multiple European countries. This wasn't just about consolidating and making sense of millions in costs - it was about making those numbers work harder and smarter.

With precise tracking and controlling, I influenced decisions around a significant chunk of the company's annual costs. In a nutshell? I don’t just work with numbers; I make them tell a strategic tale that benefits your business.

Fuel Your Revenue with Optimized Operations
Case insight on: Process Optimization in
RevOps and Ops

Holistic RevOps Implementation

Business operations can sometimes feel like tangled wires, each needing alignment. That's where I step in. I've revamped B2B sales funnels, reworking how teams of over 15 members, spanning from lead generation to procurement, worked.

The result? A smooth flow, better conversions, and a team working in sync towards the same goals.

Challenges? Let's Dive In

Picture this: A massive logistics operation, without a clear roadmap, involving a network worth millions and several stakeholders. Dropped into this scenario with just an overview, I swiftly drew up processes and set up communication lines in two weeks.

The outcome? Not just getting things up and running but optimizing them for growth and resilience.

Drive Your Vision with Strategic Precision
Case insight on: Strategy & Scaling

Strategic Transition with Client-Centric Focus

In one instance, I actively participated in a significant strategic shift within a company aiming to place a renewed emphasis on client services.

This change wasn't arbitrary—it was a collaborative effort, derived from extensive dialogues with the CEO and six department heads. Once the strategy was outlined, the next task was alignment.

I assisted each department in defining their roles and contributions to this new direction, ensuring a cohesive approach towards our renewed objectives.

Guiding Large Organizations Through Integral Planning

Additionally, I spearheaded a comprehensive planning and analysis project for an organization boasting 4,000 FTE. This responsibility spanned several domains, from real estate and IT considerations to procurement strategies. As the organization advanced, I played a key role in guiding its trajectory towards a prosperous and well-aligned future.

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About Me


Over the years, leading major change management projects and optimizing complex processes for various companies has given me a deep understanding of what truly works.

Drawing from these hands-on experiences, I now offer tailored solutions for high-performance individuals and businesses.

I have a unique mix of startup and corporate experience, with a commitment to going beyond advice and delivering tangible, measurable results.

Unlike large consultancy firms:

My approach is far from a one-size-fits-all. Each of my partnerships is unique, built around the client's specific challenges, needs, and vision.

I don't just advise; I walk with you on your business journey, implementing strategies and solutions that work in practice, not just on paper.

My guiding belief is simple:

Every company needs the agility and innovation of a startup, but they also need the strategic, financial, and operational lessons that corporations have learned over time. 
It's about fostering growth and innovation while avoiding the pitfalls of rapid or mismanaged scaling.



Business Pivoting - Market adaptation - Change management

Change Management & Transition Support

Change is inevitable, but disruption doesn't have to be. Offering hands-on guidance during transitional phases - I've been there, adapting to these shifts. With the right strategy and a clear execution plan, it's possible to turn challenges into opportunities.

Strategic Adaptations & Market Dynamics

Market shifts demand nimble adaptations. My expertise in change management and business restructuring will steer your organization towards enhanced efficiency, even amidst complexity.

Process Optimization - RevOps and Ops

Streamlining & Process Implementation

My experience speaks in actions. Case in point: the swift design and rollout of processes for a multi-million deal, achieved in just two weeks. Complex operations? I thrive in them, strategizing and setting up for agility and a competitive edge.

Operational Redesign & Efficiency Boost

Operations can always be refined. Drawing from a history of optimizations across multiple sectors, I aim to elevate operational efficiency and redefine workflows for streamlined results.

Financial decision-making

Financial Guidance & Investor Relations


My expertise spans financial controlling, budgeting, and honing investor relations. From consolidated financial reporting across borders to fine-tuning your financial strategies. Clear, concise, and comprehensive, I'll help demystify your numbers.

Cost Efficiency & Margin Maximization


Identifying cost pitfalls, obsolete processes, and revenue opportunities is part of my DNA. We're talking actionable changes that directly benefit your bottom line.

Strategy & Scaling

Business Strategy Execution


Crafting a strategy is one thing; executing it seamlessly is another. I’m here to bridge that gap. You focus on the big picture; I'll guide the alignment of operations with your vision.

Growth Management & Scaling

Navigating growth can be intricate. Whether it's team expansion or product scaling, I'll ensure alignment from vision to operations. Plus, with a solid grasp on Revenue Operations, I’m equipped to optimize your business endeavours for peak revenue performance.

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