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About Me

LBM - Life Organization

I have a unique mix of startup and corporate experience.

Going through the mechanisms of a large pharmaceutical corporation, I observed the need for speed, innovation, and a flexible approach amid rigid systems.

The majority of my professional experiences are from a tech startup. I've lived through the highs and lows of a startup, experiencing every stage from funding, scaling up, restructuring to achieving profitability.


Over the years, leading major change management projects and optimizing complex processes has given me a deep understanding of what truly works.

Building up from those experiences and dealing with how people operate with and within systems, I developed a strong systems thinking approach.

I thought to myself - how to apply all these experiences to improving any individual?

The Life Organization approach was born, refined with rigorous testing and validation.

I spent years meticulously crafting, refining, and living by a number of applied concepts, ensuring they were resilient enough to withstand the pressures of modern life.

Every module, every session, every strategy is a distillation of experiences and lessons learned. It emerged as an approach of how to operate in life; as a guide for anyone seeking structured focus among life's noise.


It's not just about setting goals, it's about creating a personalized roadmap to achieve them.


If you've ever felt the tug of disparate responsibilities pulling you apart, I've also been there. The ancient human dilemma of exploration vs. exploitation is diluting your focus and creative potential.


My goal is to provide you solutions which are proven to work and by implementing them, you execute your ideas and achieve your goals.


Think of me as a life architect – designing and building a structure for your ideas to thrive.

LBM - Life Organization

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