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Information Processing
Personal Knowledge Management

Service Outline
Investment in yourself: 3.800 € (ex VAT)

Gardening information and knowledge management. Information processing. Personal Knowledge Management. Note-taking.
Imagine your brain as a garden.

Each piece of information is a seed, and IPKM is the art of gardening these seeds into a flourishing landscape of knowledge.

Synthesis of ideas, allowing for the connection of seemingly unrelated concepts.

Retrieve any processed information and knowledge in less than 2 min.

Your IPKM should be a production belt, not a warehouse.


Information Funnel


Operating with Information


Externalizing and Connecting Ideas


Brain's Natural Flow


Holistic Connection

Why Do You Need IPKM?

A balanced cognitive flow to execute ideas
Brain Networks


Central Executive Network (CEN)

Enhancing Productivity

By offloading information to a IPKM system, the CEN can operate more efficiently, reducing cognitive overload and improving decision-making.


Dorsal Attention Network (DAN)

Balance Creativity & Focus

The IPKM system supports a balance between creative thought (DMN) and focused execution (DAN), leading to a more holistic cognitive process.


Default Mode
Network (DMN)

Reducing Cognitive Load

Efficient note-taking and IPKM can aid in this process by offloading the task-oriented cognitive load, allowing the DMN to engage more effectively during periods of rest, idea generation or reflection.


Network (SN)

Controlling the External

A well-structured IPKM system can help manage the switching between the CEN, more specifically DAN - focused attention and the DMN - creative and reflective thinking.

Book a Discovery Call

Let IPKM be your Life architect – designing and building a structure for your ideas to thrive.

My whole philosophy is built around execution – turning thoughts into actions, and plans into realities.

Here's the thing: our brains are incredible at dreaming up ideas, making connections, and envisioning growth.

But in today's world, brains are being knocked down with an overload of information.

It's like having a supercomputer but using it to play tic-tac-toe.


My approach shifts this dynamic. I help you externalize the information overload, process it, and curate these ideas into actionable plans. It's not just about managing tasks; it's about transforming how you interact with information and ideas, turning them into meaningful action.


IPKM helps you seamlessly manage your attention between focused tasks and creative thinking, enhance productivity without the cognitive overload, and foster a harmonious balance between creativity and focus.


Understanding Areas Addressed

Challenges in the information overload era. 

Information overload challenges our cognitive capacities, particularly in relation to Cognitive Load Theory.


This constant state of alertness and reactivity prevents us from effectively managing and retaining valuable knowledge, as our attention is fragmented across various platforms and demands.


Understanding the
Information Funnel

From information environments to enhanced personal knowledge management system.

The journey from diverse information intake to the application of knowledge, linking of ideas and creativity.


Style & Methodologies

  • The need for efficient note-taking

  • Identifying your current approach of capture and note-taking style

  • Note-taking styles

  • Note-taking methodologies

  • Identification and implementation of your unique note-taking approach


From Note-taking to Note-making

  • Identifying your current approach of categorization and labelling

  • Identifying gaps based on your current workflow

  • Knowledge categorization methodologies

  • Identification and implementation of your categorization system


IPKM - Your Enhanced Personal Knowledge Management System

  • Holistic approach - all possibilities of connections within IPKM

  • Defining your unique process flow for information funnel

  • Establishing a cohesive and interconnected knowledge management system, tailored to your individual needs

  • Implementation process plan

  • Monitoring and Evaluation set-up for future evolvement and adoption


Practical Use Case

Achieving balanced cognitive flow

When working on a project, the DAN (attention) helps maintain focus on relevant tasks.

During planned creative work, the DMN (imagination) engages in creative thinking easily since you are not bothered by increased cognitive load.

SN (awareness) is not overstimulated and constantly switching between CEN (thinking) and DMN, because of defined note-taking process.

Due to clear IPKM structure, your focus is on idea linking and creativity.

Once you finished the DMN work phase, you can easily activate CEN to oversee the process of utilizing the IPKM system to organize thoughts, ideas, and tasks, ensuring a harmonious cognitive workflow.

This makes sure you are laser focused on execution.

With discipline and systems, you achieve longer and better cycles of deep work.

You are able to link knowledge and ideas while constantly executing, not just thinking.
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