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Upgrade Your Life Operating System

Life Organization

Your optimal life management system. Invest in yourself - because your life is the most important system you'll ever manage.

Life Management System tailored for you


Get a life management system that’s made for you and fixes things for real.


Stop the quick fixes in one area while neglecting the rest.

Achieve balance across your whole life.


Get your life flows mapped out and prioritize with ease.


Move beyond temporary patches. Build a foundation for success that lasts, with a strategy designed for all of life's complexities.

Achieve Harmonious Cognitive Workflow

Brain Networks 

Main brain networks. How brain networks operate. What are the functions of brain networks. Brain networks and productivity, focus and efficiency.


Central Executive Network (CEN)

The CEN is crucial for high-level executive functions, including planning, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Focuses on external goals and is responsible for active synthesis of memory with external activities.


Dorsal Attention Network (DAN)

Supports goal-directed behaviour and is closely linked to sensory processing.

While the CEN manages higher-order executive functions, the DAN focuses on attentional control.


Default Mode
Network (DMN)

It is most active when the brain is not focused on the outside world, such as during daydreaming, reliving, or future planning.

This network facilitates creative thinking and the synthesis of ideas, allowing for the connection of seemingly unrelated concepts.


Network (SN)

It is responsible for regulating the switch between CEN and DMN, and it determines which network is in control at any given moment.


Additionally, the SN is also responsible for regulating emotion and pain from the other main networks.

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Use the code LIFEORG and grab your free practical guide

Your Outcomes with Life Organization

Enhanced Decision Making


Make smarter choices effortlessly.


Feel confident and in control of your future.

Increased Productivity


Achieve more with less effort and stress.


Enjoy more free moments for yourself and loved ones, leading to happiness.

Idea Execution


Turn your ideas into reality.


Experience the thrill of seeing your visions come to life.

Personal Growth and Fulfilment


Continuously evolve and push your limits.


Achieve a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose.

Boosted Creativity


Ignite a relentless flow of innovation.


Enjoy the happiness that comes from creative breakthroughs.

Tired of productivity and life management solutions that don't fit everyone?
 Real change doesn't come from the latest app or trendy productivity hack.
It comes from a system designed with your life's complexities in mind.


Ice Breaker

Directed to solving one specific area - fast

Immediate impact to your life and understanding Life Organization approach

Most common areas:

Productivity / Prioritization

Time and Task Management

Information Funnels - Flow and Note-taking

Note-taking to Note making

Personal Knowledge Management

Investment in yourself:
starting at 400 
(ex VAT)

Custom Solutions

Tailored to Your Specific Needs

For companies

(startups, management, employee development programs).

For high performance teams

(sports coaching, incident / crisis response, defence industry, private security).



Information Processing & Knowledge Management

Think of IPKM as your knowledge infrastructure, designed for your ideas to thrive.

Designed for people who are struggling with effective application of ideas, retrieval of information, idea generation, labelling and knowledge enhancement.


The main focus is on execution of your ideas and enhancing the knowledge you consume with your unique view.​

Investment in yourself: 3.800 € (ex VAT)


Your Personal Life Operating System

The main solution of

Life Organization.

Designed to execute and implement your personal aspirations.


Full package - this includes 3 sessions and 2 implementation phases, which result in your tailor made PSoS.

The whole process lasts 4-6 weeks.

Investment in yourself: 4.800 € (ex VAT)

Days seem to evaporate, and you wonder if there's a way to make each moment count more ?

Stay Sharp
Improve your focus and how you spend your time, making sure every moment is well-spent.

Consistently pushing personal passions for "when there's time" ?

Get Clear
Live a life that’s organized and tuned to what you really want, cutting through the noise and focusing on what matters.

With endless tasks ahead, you crave a guiding system to ensure no moment is wasted ?

Build Smart
Execute with systems that are perfect for your life and business, changing and growing with you every step of the way.

You are managing more than you can handle, yet feeling less accomplished. Sounds familiar?

Your days might be packed, but are you really living to your fullest potential?

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s truly important.

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Life is not linear.

You experience multiple transitions through life.

To move through them and grow, you need a multidimensional approach.

Life Organization Approach



Life Organization fine-tunes the Central Executive Network (CEN) to boost your decision-making and task management.


This results in enhanced execution of tasks, ensuring that you efficiently transform your thoughts and plans into actionable results.

Crucial Action


By providing a structured approach to managing tasks and goals, Life Organization ensures that the DAN is effectively utilized for focused, goal-oriented actions, while preventing the overload of the CEN.


It helps in maintaining a steady concentration, ensuring that your attention is directed towards the most crucial tasks, thereby maximizing productivity.

Enhancing Creative Thinking


The Default Mode Network (DMN) is nurtured through Life Organization to bolster your imagination and creative thinking.


This approach facilitates innovative problem-solving and the generation of new ideas, as the DMN thrives when given the space to explore and reflect.

Controlling the External


Life Organization optimizes the Salience Network (SN), which plays a crucial role in controlling and responding to external stimuli.


This enhancement leads to better management of environmental inputs, ensuring that you remain aware and responsive to important cues while filtering out distractions.

Life Organization is designed to help you bridge the gap between your current daily grind and the life you aspire to lead. It's like updating your personal operating system. If you're feeling swamped by information, stuck in habits that don't serve you, or unclear about where you're headed, that's where I come in. I'll have a close look at how you operate now, and together, we'll design a system tailored just for you. This isn't about setting ambitious goals; it's about changing your everyday actions to live a life you strive for. Imagine moving from just getting by, to genuinely thriving in a way that feels natural and is distinctly yours. What you aim for today might shift in five years, and your personal system will adapt to these changes. Life Organization focuses on effective execution now, while also equipping you to evolve and adapt over time, ensuring that you’re not just surviving, but thriving in a way that's uniquely yours.

Update your life operating system
Life Organization is where strategy meets action. It is all about execution.
Think less life coach, more life architect – designing and building a structure for your ideas to thrive.
We will go beyond motivation and mindset.
It is about creating a digital environment and workflow that turns your ideas into accomplishments.
While life coaching often focuses on the "Why", Life Organization is all about the "How".
To achieve the extraordinary, you need to transform how you operate daily.

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Life Organization Process


Life Audit


Self-Observation & Focus Exercises


Knowledge Management


Self-Observation & Implementation


Holistic Connection

What Scares You More?

Staying Where You Are or Changing?

Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional.

LBM - Life Organization is where strategy meets action.

It's not just about finding your path, but actually walking it.


Life Organization designs the Autonomy based on Purpose, you drive the system with Curiosity and strive for Mastery.

With all these aligned, you achieve Autotelicity (what you love), which is the heart of the Flow state.


Systems create discipline, leading to consistency.
Consistency sharpens focus, which boosts motivation.

Information Processing &
Knowledge Management

Swift Information Access. Retrieve any processed information in less than 2 min. Synthesis of ideas, allowing for the connection of seemingly unrelated concepts.


All systems are designed with a holistic approach in mind to support execution of your ideas and life strategy.

Focused and Organized Mind

Reduce stress by organizing and balancing your commitments, leading to a more peaceful and focused mind.

Continuous Personal Growth

Gain systems encouraging reflection and self-improvement to adapt to life's changes and challenges.

Clear Goal Setting and Achievement

Define and reach your personal and professional milestones effectively.

Balanced Ambition and Well-being

Find the perfect equilibrium between your professional ambitions and personal fulfilment.

Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional.

To achieve the extraordinary, you need to transform how you operate daily.

The ease of beginner and intermediate "habits" only take you so far.

True progress demands a shift, a move towards a systemized approach that aligns with your deepest ambitions.

If you seriously want to change, you have to go through uncomfortable situations. Stop trying to avoid the process. It is the only way to grow.

You need a pivotal push - a life operating system, guiding you to reach heights you've always aspired to but never reached.

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