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A Practical Guide to Navigating Life's Timeline: Weeks to Blocks


Our Lives in a Grid of Weeks

Imagine your life laid out in a grid. Each box is a week. It’s a simple but striking image that Tim Urban introduced in his "Life in Weeks" article. This grid makes us see our lives in a new way. It shows the weeks we’ve lived and those we hopefully have left. It’s a visual nudge to make the most of our time.

Each Week, a Story

Every box in your grid is a story, a collection of days. Some stories are vibrant, filled with achievements and joy. Others might be quieter, less eventful. The grid doesn’t judge; it simply shows. It reminds us that our time is finite, urging us to fill these weeks with meaning.

Zooming In: The Power of Daily Blocks

Now, let’s zoom in from weeks to days. Split your day into 100 blocks, each just 10 minutes. This concept takes the broad view of weeks and brings it into the nitty-gritty of daily life. It’s about making the abstract concrete.

Your Day, Your Canvas

Each of these 100 blocks is a chance to paint your day the way you want it. This isn’t about over-scheduling every minute. It’s about being aware. It’s choosing, consciously, how you’ll spend each of these moments.

Implementing the 100 Blocks Concept

  1. Daily Allocation: With 100 blocks a day, we have a tangible way to allocate our time to various activities - work, leisure, learning, and personal growth.

  2. Mindful Spending: Viewing each block as irreplaceable encourages us to spend our time more mindfully and purposefully.

  3. Reflective Practice: Regular reflection on how we spend our blocks can lead to more intentional and satisfying days.

The Art of Balancing Blocks

Balancing these blocks is key. Work, rest, learning, fun — they all deserve space in your day. It’s not just about productivity; it’s about fulfilment. Some blocks might be for focused work, others for a walk, a book, or time with family.


Life Organization: The Bridge from Philosophy to Practice

This is where Life Organization comes in. It's the bridge from the philosophical idea of a life in weeks to the practical application of living in blocks.

Life Organization is about fitting the pieces of your life together in a way that works for you.

  1. Strategic Planning: Look at your grid of weeks. Where do you want to be a few boxes down the line? Now bring that vision to your daily blocks. Plan with purpose.

  2. Daily Reflection: At the end of each day, reflect on your blocks. Did you spend them in a way that moves you closer to your grid’s bigger picture?

  3. Adjust and Adapt: Life changes, and so will your grid and your blocks. Be flexible. Adjust your blocks as your life and goals evolve.

Making Each Block Count

Each block is a piece of your life puzzle. How you fit these pieces together creates your bigger picture. Life Organization isn't just about getting things done; it's about crafting a life that feels right. It’s about making sure that when you look at your grid of weeks, you see a life well-lived.

Your Life, Your Masterpiece

Your life is your masterpiece, painted across a canvas of weeks and detailed in the brushstrokes of daily blocks. With Life Organization, you have the power to turn this concept into a living, breathing practice. Make your grid colourful, make your blocks count, and turn your life into a story worth telling.


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