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Personal System of Systems - PSoS

Service Outline
Investment in yourself: 4.800 € (ex VAT)

Your optimal life operating system.

It includes 3 sessions and 2 implementation phases.

The whole process lasts 4-6 weeks.


Life Audit


Systems Thinking Mapping


Knowledge Management


Mapping and Reducing the Gap


Holistic Connection

Your life operating system

It's not just about understanding your dreams; it's about creating a practical plan and systems to achieve them.

This is a deep, personalized journey over several weeks where we dissect your aspirations, understand your challenges, and build a system that propels you into action.
It's about aligning your daily hustle with your long-term vision, ensuring that every step you take is a step towards something bigger.

This system isn't static; it evolves with you, adapting to your life's changes and growth.
It's about creating a dynamic framework that guides your daily actions, ensuring they are in sync with your long-term vision.

Every session, every strategy we develop together is a step towards integrating your goals into your everyday life.


Deep Dive Session 1
Life Audit & Clarity

We will start with a thorough life audit to identify your current environments, areas, workflows, systems, inputs-outputs, and daily practices.

  • Life audit - Areas, Life stance, Reflection of performance

  • Vision - Objectives - Priority - Urgency - Effort - Clarity


Systems Thinking Mapping
From Vision to Clarity

  • Self-Observation exercises

  • Linear and circular patterns

  • Reinforcing loops

  • Balancing loops


Deep Dive Session 2
Information Processing & Knowledge Management

Learn to manage and process information effectively for smarter decision-making.

  • Information funnel

  • Information environments

  • Information engagement and decision-making flow

  • Review of current knowledge management approach

  • Knowledge management methods

  • Personalization of information processing & knowledge management

  • Interlinking and enhancement of your personalized system


Systems Thinking Mapping
Information to
Personal Knowledge Management

  • Self-Observation exercises

  • Mapping and validation

  • First implementation phase


Deep Dive Session 3
The “Personal System of Systems” Implementation with Monitoring

Integrate PSoS into your life, align your daily actions with long-term objectives.

  • Holistic approach - aligning all systems for your optimal life operating system

  • Monitoring and Evaluation set-up for future evolvement and adoption

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Ready to unlock your potential?

Embrace change and make it work for you.

Book a Discovery Call and let's start shaping a life that's truly yours.


This is not a “one-time call”.

Duration of the PSoS solution is  4–6 weeks.


It is carefully split into phases to gradually come to complex and unique systems.

It will be incorporated into your daily habits and specific use-cases with a systemic and controlled approach. 


Committing to it, is an investment in yourself.

Because lasting changes demand dedication and patience.


Your effort and dedication is critical.

Self-observation phase and Focus tasks are key to crafting the best systems for you.

Designed to execute and implement your personal aspirations.

The complexity gets increased with every session, due to the level of effort needed to implement it into your daily life.

It is necessary that these sessions are split in this way, because of different systems applied with the holistic approach in mind.

True transformation with the PSoS unfolds over time. 

Once the rewards start pouring in, you'll see every effort was worth it.


Clarity and Vision

Vision vs. Effort

Fulfilment Frameworks Adaptation

Clear Mapping for Execution


Information and Knowledge Management

High Agency Information Engagement

Personal Knowledge Management

Quick Knowledge Retrieval Systems


Priority Setting

Setting and Achieving Milestones

Mission Critical vs.

Merely Urgent

Aligning Actions with Aspirations

Clarity and vision. Efficient execution. Personal growth. Holistic systems. Prioritization. Time management. Task management. Infromation processing. Personal Knowledge Management.


Efficient Execution

Efficient Task Management

Prioritizing with Precision

Peak Productivity


Holistic Approach to Life

Integrating Life Domains Holistically

Reflective Practices for


Continuous System Evolution and Integration


Adaptive Growth

Embracing Change Proactively

Strategic Pivoting

Resilience Building

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Personal System of Systems

A fit-for-purpose applicative solution.

It's about changing how you approach everyday actions and decision-making, using a constantly adapting, holistic system that evolves with you.

Personal System of Systems (PSoS) is a breathing personalized solution that makes sure you deliver output that is in line with your purpose, priority and current focus.

In essence, it is an integration of various systems, techniques, and tools to craft a holistic approach to life and work. It makes you align with your short and long term goals, while being your guide to put you back on track at any point in time.

A holistic approach - at first a top-down process, turning into a daily/weekly bottom up process with purposeful actions.

Systems are set as a never ending loop of macro and micro views, which makes sure you stay focused on things that matter to you.

Every action has clarity and purpose. Having constant evaluation, adaptability and re-prioritization no matter what cycle of life you are in or what life events are happening to you.

Life Organization principles focus on enhancing intrinsic motivators to foster long-term personal growth.


Life Organization designs the Autonomy based on Purpose, you drive the system with Curiosity and strive for Mastery. With all these aligned, you achieve Autotelicity (What you Love), which is basically the heart of the Flow state.

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