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From Strategy to Action - The Execution of Personal Life Strategy


Elevating HBR's Personal Life Strategy with Life Organization Systems

Let's talk about turning big plans into real life.

Have you ever stumbled upon a roadmap to success and wondered, "Now what?"

That's the question echoing in the minds of many who've read the acclaimed HBR article on Personal Life Strategy by Rainer Strack, Susanne Dyrchs, and Allison Bailey. It's a brilliant piece, offering a strategic blueprint for personal life using the concepts from the corporate strategy.

But here's the twist: a map, no matter how well-drawn, isn't the journey. It's in the steps we take, the paths we tread, and the decisions we make, where true progress unfolds.

While their concept lays down a compelling plan, I believe that the real magic happens in the execution. That's where Life Organization comes in, bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

In this article, I'll demonstrate how Life Organization breathes life into the Personal Life Strategy concept, moving you from the drawing board to the real world, where dreams are built, one action at a time. This is where the concept of a "life operating system" comes into play.

You need to go beyond the 'what' and dive deep into the 'how,' turning visions into realities with the most practical, transformative way possible. Think of it like moving from thinking about a great trip to actually packing your bags and exploring.

Life Organization isn't just about planning a great life; it's about living it each day, aligning every action with your ultimate vision of success. It's about creating a life that not only meets your current needs, but is also ready to grow and change as you do.


The “Personal Life Strategy” concept

1. Innovative Approach to Life Planning

The Personal Life Strategy could be a game-changer for many. It takes what works in the boardroom and brings it to your living room. The idea is simple yet powerful: plan your life like a business. This approach isn't just about making to-do lists; it's about seeing your life as a series of strategic moves.

It's about taking charge, setting your course, and steering towards your goals with the precision of a CEO. This blend of personal development with corporate strategy is not just smart; it's revolutionary.

Personal Life Strategy

2. Psychological Insights

What's truly insightful about the Personal Life Strategy and presentation in the HBR article is how it weaves in the threads of positive psychology. It talks about the 'arrival fallacy,' where reaching a goal isn't always as satisfying as we expect. It's about finding joy in the journey, not just the destination.

They've got this part spot on – success isn't just about hitting targets; it's about creating a life that feels good every step of the way. It's about setting goals that don't just look good on paper but bring real joy and fulfilment.

3. Strategic Time Investment: Life Portfolio Matrix

Rainer Strack brilliantly reinterprets the BCG matrix for personal use, introducing the concept of a Strategic Life Portfolio. This innovative approach translates the corporate tool of investment analysis into a personal context, focusing on how we invest our time and energy.

It turns the abstract idea of life balance into a tangible matrix, inviting us to scrutinize our priorities and satisfaction across different life areas. This strategic visualization aids in aligning our daily efforts with what truly matters in our lives.

Another great visualization, you will benefit from, is the concept of “100 blocks”- split each day into 100 ten-minute segments. I wrote about this in my article "Weeks to Blocks".


Execution of Your Personal Life Strategy

1. Beyond Goal Setting

While the Personal Life Strategy concept, as detailed by Rainer Strack and his team, provides a robust blueprint for personal development, it's the leap from vision to action where true transformation occurs.

Goal setting is pivotal, but it's the execution that turns these aspirations into realities. Recognizing this transition is key, as it marks the shift from planning to experiencing, from aspiring to achieving. It's the journey from 'what' to 'how,' and it's in this journey that life's truest successes are crafted.

Personal Life Strategy, Strategic Life Portfolio, BCG matrix

2. Activating Plans with Life Organization

This is where the Life Organization approach shines. It acts as the activating force, the engine that propels the strategies of the BCG consultants' framework into the everyday. It's about making each day count in the pursuit of your personal life strategy.

Life Organization goes beyond the conceptual; it provides the tools, methods, and systems to translate high-level plans into daily practices and habits. It's about embedding strategic intentions into the fabric of daily life, ensuring that each action is a step toward your envisioned future.

By integrating Life Organization, the insights of the Personal Life Strategy concept don't just stay as plans on paper but evolve into lived experiences, shaping a life of purpose and fulfilment.


Personal Development is an Ongoing Journey

1. The Journey of Growth

Personal growth isn't a destination; it's a perpetual journey. As we evolve, so do our priorities, dreams, and goals. Life Organization understands this fluidity of human nature.

It's designed to accompany you on this journey, providing the tools and systems that grow and change as you do. Embracing this approach means acknowledging that personal development is never static, and our strategies for life must be as dynamic as we are.

2. Benefits of Periodic Reviews

Life Organization systems emphasize the power of regular reviews. These check-ins are essential for staying on track with evolving goals and visions. They offer a moment to clean up, pause, reflect, and realign. Whether it's adjusting to new life circumstances or shifting priorities, these reviews ensure that your life strategy remains relevant and effective, always moving you towards your true aspirations.

3. Sustaining Relevance with Feedback Loops

Feedback loops are a cornerstone of the Life Organization approach. They create a living system that responds and adapts to your changing needs and circumstances. By continuously integrating new experiences and learnings, these loops keep your life strategies and actions aligned with who you are at the moment, ensuring that your path to personal growth remains relevant and effective.

4. Continuous Adaptation

In a world that's constantly changing, adaptability is key. Life Organization isn't about setting a strategy once and never revisiting it. It's about creating a fluid plan that evolves with you. This approach allows for continuous adaptation, not just yearly adjustments, making your life strategy a dynamic and living blueprint. This adaptability ensures that you're always moving forward, in sync with your current self, rather than being held back by outdated plans or goals.


Deep Dive into Life Organization

Transitioning from Planning to Living

Life Organization marks a crucial transition from the strategic blueprint of Personal Life Strategy to tangible, daily actions. It's the bridge between high-level planning and real-life implementation, ensuring that your personal and professional aspirations become more than just plans—they become your lived experience.

Tools for Action

Life Organization systems offer a suite of tools and methodologies that translate strategic life planning into actionable routines.

These systems include identifying the clarity ratio (vision-goals-objectives-effort-priority), time management, information funnel, digital decluttering, information processing, personal knowledge management, periodic reviews and many more.

Each tool is designed to fit seamlessly into daily life, making strategic goals a part of everyday habits.

Growth Through Execution

More than just achieving goals, Life Organization focuses on fostering personal growth and adaptation. It encourages continuous learning and reflection, adapting to life's changes, and ensuring personal strategies evolve with your personal growth.

The goal of Life Organization is to create a holistic set of systems that support your daily actions, making sure you execute your Personal Life Strategy.

Daily Actions Meet Long-Term Goals

Life Organization keeps long-term visions in clear focus, aligning daily actions with broader life goals. This alignment is achieved through structured daily practices, ensuring that every task, no matter how small, contributes to the bigger picture of your life's aspirations.

Benefits of Life Organization

Life Organization brings a multitude of benefits, including enhanced information processing and knowledge management, simplified decision-making to avoid fatigue, and heightened focus and productivity. It fosters continuous personal growth, ensuring your life strategy adapts with you.

Daily tasks are organized into a dynamic system, evolving with changing priorities, transforming everyday chaos into clarity. It's about balancing ambition with well-being, maintaining a focused and organized mind, and seamlessly integrating work, personal growth, and relationships into a unified life plan.


Taking Action: Making Your Strategy Real

By now it should be clear that the journey from strategic planning, as brilliantly presented by the authors of the Personal Life Strategy, to the tangible achievements in life is intricate and requires more than just intent.

It demands a practical, dynamic system that turns those strategies into daily actions and lifelong habits.

Embark on a Journey of Action and Achievement

It's time to step into the world of action. The transition from planning to execution is where true transformation begins. It’s about making your strategy breathe and thrive in the real world.

This journey of action is not just a step; it's a leap towards realizing your true potential and bringing your vision to life. As you embark on this journey of action and achievement, consider Life Organization as your guide and ally.

Life Organization stands as the critical execution arm of the strategic life planning frameworks, like those outlined by Rainer Strack, Susanne Dyrchs, and Allison Bailey in their Personal Life Strategy concept.

Life Organization provides more than just structure; it offers a life operating system – a comprehensive approach that encompasses your personal and professional aspirations. It's a system designed for those who are not content with merely planning but are driven to live their best life.

In essence, Life Organization is about transforming the art of living into a masterpiece of your own making.


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